Message From The Founder

Hi there!  Welcome to my site, I am so glad you’re here!  If you are wondering who I am and what I do, you would probably want to hang around just long enough to know me a little bit better.

My name is Tony and I am a Life Coach.  I handle the whole range of human experiences and types of goals and I have a specialty in Relationship Coaching.  I practice a type of coaching called Strategic Intervention – The Art and Science of creating profound and lasting changes by means of small but strategic actions.  Now you might be thinking “Whoa!  Wait!  That sounded alien to me.  What does that even mean?”  

Don’t worry, I understand.  Let me explain it in terms you can appreciate and understand.

It simply means that as a life coach, I help my clients with their challenges in all areas of their lives. A client who wants to be free from self-limiting beliefs come to me to understand where this comes from and then gets equipped with tools to develop empowering beliefs that can change their life.    

A client who faces a challenging time at work with clients, customers, peers, direct reports, and leaders come to me to work on a plan that allows him to manage his emotional states and come up with plans to create a win-win scenario for everyone.  A couple who loves each other so much but very often find themselves in terrible fights come to me to heal and transform their relationships.  Individuals who are in a romantic relationship comes to me to find ways to spark a change in them so they can be a powerful force of change in their own relationship.  Individuals who carry past hurts from past relationships come to me for support to release past hurts and prepare themselves to get ready to go out there again.  There are also individuals who are having the time of their lives who come to me just because they want to get themselves to a whole new level of happiness, success, and fulfillment.  These are just some of the many situations and I hope you do get a better understanding of what I do.

Now please allow me to tell you why I do what I do today.

I was born out of wedlock in the ‘80s.  My mom was secretary to the general manager of an international construction firm while my dad was a surgeon.  Dad had his own family at the time and mom was living alone, having separated from a wife-beating husband.  They fell in love despite their circumstances and that gave birth to my two other siblings, with myself being the youngest.  To cut the long story short, their relationship didn’t work.  Dad stayed with his family and mom had to fend for her own and us, her young children.  Growing up was financially and emotionally difficult.  I grew up not knowing how it feels to have a dad.  My mom was physically present but most of the times, emotionally absent because she was devastated.  My siblings were nine and eight years older than I am so while I was growing up, they had their own thing. 

From a very young age I experienced difficulties in life firsthand which, you might have guessed I carried on to my adult life.  All the broken relationships, all the lack, all the struggles in my early years were implanted into my subconscious and it directed most of my young adult life.  It manifested in my own relationships, professional and personal.  It manifested in my financial blueprint.  It manifested in how I worked in the corporate sector, where I worked mainly in the field of customer service in global banks based in Manila but found myself jumping from one bank to another.  Finding it difficult to stay in one place.

I have over fifteen years of corporate experience, and even though I have climbed the so called corporate ladder and achieved success at a certain level, I felt empty inside.  I was looking for something I didn’t know what.

The beauty in all these is that when you are looking or searching for something, even if you don’t know what it is, if you keep looking long enough, you will find it.  Eventually.  That’s how the mind works.  You ask it a question, it never rests until it finds the answers.  

At the lowest point of my life, I googled the words “how to get unstuck” in YouTube hoping I’d get some golden answers.  And you know what?  I did.  I found countless videos of different people but what stood out and resonated with me are the ones by Tony Robbins.  It moved me to action.  So here I am today.  I have found a way to turn my life around and in the process use what I went through and the training I got from the official school of Tony Robbins to help others who seek, find their own way.

Listen, I don’t know what brought you here.  But if you’re still reading this by now, my best guess is you’re probably looking for something.  Why don’t we find it together?

Love and Light,

Tony Tolentino