“I met Tony last year (2018) through a very tough time in my life. However, I didn’t think I need Life Coaching until he sent me a podcast done by Anthony Robbins about discovering your Emotional Home and I started crying nonstop not knowing what’s the reason. So, I reached out to Tony and it was around Christmas time and he said “Let me gift you a free session this Christmas and help you with your emotions.” And, in that one-session, he was able to dig dipper into my past and pull out that root cause of pain that I was living with all my life and I never knew it existed. It was like magic!

Since then, Tony taught me how to grow as a person and celebrate small successes and big achievements. He made me gain back my self-confidence. He helped me learn more about myself and look at things from a third-person perspective.

I remember when he told me on our 1st official session that the old me will die and the new me will be born. I didn’t understand what he meant at that time, but now I know exactly what he was referring to. Through Life Coaching, I was reborn. It’s a real Life Changing experience.

Tony acts as a friend and he provides such a safe environment where you can open up and share whatever you are afraid to reveal to the world. You can easily be yourself in his presence and he will never judge you. He will just listen and give you the right directions to achieve whatever serves you best in life and serves the people around you.

After almost every session, I leave his office and feel as if I am a new person, someone who could conquer the world, and TAKE THE BULL BY THE HORNS. The transformation I go through in every session makes me unstoppable.

And, what I love about him the most is the fact that he is so generous in sharing his knowledge and the right tools to use throughout your journey. He is a very sincere, professional life coach, and a friend for life.