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Hi!!!  Are you done yet, searching and trying to filter out all those names, for that so called guru? But also, someone who is in line with the teachings of Tony Robbins, but not as costly. Look no further we have an amazing person, that I am happy to call my brother, from another mother. Coach Tony Tolentino, has embraced and undergone the training curriculum, of Tony Robbins, and is able to adapt it, to where you, will be able to absorb and digest it in a way, it brings you, instant impactful results. When I decided to take my mom back to the Philippines, to be locked down here in our town province, during the height of this pandemic. I gave up a very solid and stable income as a registered nurse, in charge of the entire Peritoneal Dialysis program of Guam.  So no longer armed with a good income. I resigned on the fact of ever gaining access to the in depth training a Tony Robbins’ event gives you.

Thankfully God is great, in the business I am presently doing now, they introduced us to an awesome individual, Coach Tony Tolentino, and his well laid out course, provided me with the tools to help change my life, towards a more positive direction.  I started to apply his teachings, and for the  month of May 2022, was able to crack the Top 500 ranking, by being number 311 in the entire world. Now, that also gave me confidence to also use those same tools, to start reaching for my ideal body weight. At the age of 46 years and 8 months, standing at 5’7”. Being grossly obese is no picnic, so on June 1st, I began my quest, to start being happy with the guy I saw daily, in the mirror. I also used the tools, to discipline myself, to be even more dedicated to being healthy, which helped me in jumpstarting, my goal to get to 160lbs.  So I initially weighed in at 225lbs, at the start of June 1st, and as of today August 4, 2022.  I am at the weight you will see below, 174 lbs.  What is the secret? It’s no secret anymore. It’s making the decision to take the first step, and be a part of Coach Tony Tolentino’s awesome program. 

What you will get out of it, will benefit you for an entire lifetime, and you can share your learnings with your family friends, significant other, or your children to give them that edge in life, and in turn pass it on to their future generations.   Again God Bless you Coach Tony, and for you my friend, enroll in the next possible program he is offering. 😊🙏❤️🙌👏

Actual before and after photos

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