Cris M, Community Manager

Is life treating you bad and it seems that all the people around you are not helping? If yes, then let me tell you my story.

last year 2018, I have a decent job and earning big. I can say that I am on top of my career as I am handling and managing a prestigious project. I have friends, money, and power,  that this luck will not run out until I retire, which i planned retiring at the age of 55. I have big dreams and plans, but before the year ends, my world collapsed. I lost my job and my reputation was tainted. I do not know how to cope up with my life as i lost everything.

I was troubled and experiencing difficulties in life when I met Tony.  He was introduced to me by a friend, who is mentoring me on how to be confident in delivering speeches.  My friend advised me that i should seek a life coach as it will help me a lot to understand my depression and learn how to be in control of my life.  And Tony is the right guy who can help.

It was hard for me to accept the fact that I needed help; that I needed someone to guide me to be focused and be on the right track again. I cannot accept that I am having depression,  I’ve been in control of my life for the longest time, and seeking help from a life coach, opening up your life to a stranger, changing your ways, belief as advised is a big challenge. But then I realized, maybe I needed help as I am losing sleep and could not eat.  Before my situation gets worst, I accepted the invitation and engaged Tony for a 12 weeks’ session.

Our first session was not as I expected to be. I was thinking that the session will be like attending a seminar, the normal listening to the speaker. But it’s the other way around, Tony encouraged me to talk and talk and talk about myself and what outcome I want to achieve after every session. It was not easy at first, but because Tony is soft spoken guy;  he treated me as an old friend, and I found myself telling my life stories. Tony analyzed my fears, my worries, my strengths, my visions, my ideas and dreams; one by one he enlightens me that life is not bad; that I need to learn to love myself first, to acknowledge fears and negativity (ignoring and fighting negativity will only make it stronger), learn to control the mind, to change beliefs that pulls you down. I need to be focused and be in controlled.  It is not an overnight change. It has taken us a lifetime to be what we are now. It is not easy to change our ways but Tony has encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and be a new person.

I am so grateful that i met Tony. He makes me realized that the power to control my life is within me all along.  My brain and subconscious mind are powerful to lead me a better path. I just need to tap it, train myself to master positivity and be a friend to negativity.  Everyday I’m training myself, to learn new things, and to be in control. I am living the life that i want, happy and free.

Always remember that the power is in YOU.