Evan, Student Leader | Millenial Entrepreneur

“Your mental faculty/brain/mindset is the key to open your life success.” – Coach Tony, Circle of Excellence

That’s one of the many things I’ve learned from Coach Tony.

I am Evan, 20 years old, and when I met Coach Tony I was at my all time low, I am angry at the world, I fight and really stand up for what’s right, and frustrated about the things I can’t control. I left my home and make my parents be miserable too because I am miserable. Coach Tony stay with me, be patient with me, validate my feelings and slowly put me into a process of healing.

At first, I thought he’s just one of those motivational speaker I listen to often when I have exam and I’m dealing with my anxiousness, but as soon as the therapy starts he was not just some guys shouting at you hyping you, and waking up your adrenaline. Coach Tony heals, he patch up my old wounds, he gently makes me realize to love my scars and bruises. And makes me realize that whatever’s happening to the world we can try to make it better if we start to make ourselves better. I am so grateful to meet Coach Tony. Thank you Coach Tony, thank you my long lost old brother.